Troon Cardholder

Aloha Troon Cardholders!

Troon Hawaii, Troon National, and other cardholders (that have Hawaii as a bonus state) are eligible to book via this Troon Card booking engine below. Valid for only current Troon Cardholders. Non or expired cardholders will be subject to the regular applicable rate.

Please review the Troon Terms and Conditions here:

Returning visitors to Kapalua:

Please log in with your existing profile to book tee times.

New visitors to Kapalua:

In the booking engine below, click on Members (upper right)  and Create your account, using the email you utilized when purchasing your Troon Card. From there you can complete a Kapalua centric profile (with a password etc) and select Sign Up.

You will receive a profile confirmation email – please click on that link to access your dashboard and book at Kapalua with your preferred Troon Card Rate.

Note: all Troon Cardholder policies apply. Ie Twosome members are only eligible to receive Troon Card rates for two players (other applicable rates apply).

We look forward to having you “walk in the footsteps of champions” at Kapalua!

General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • TwoSome Troon Cardholders may play as individuals or bring up to one (1) guest and both players will receive the Troon Card rate
  • FourSome Troon Cardholders may play as individuals or bring up to three (3) guests all four players will receive the Troon Card rate
  • Individuals may purchase one (1) Troon Card per year in their name
  • Troon Cards are non-transferable
  • Cardholders must present Troon Card number and a valid ID to receive the Troon Card rate
  • The program is cardless
    • You will be sent a welcome email with your Troon Card number within four business days after purchase
  • Cardholders may book Troon Card rate tee times up to three (3) days in advance (i.e. Wednesday for Saturday)
    • A valid credit card is required to reserve a tee time
    • It is a violation of these Terms and Conditions to reserve a tee time outside the three day booking window and then cancel and reserve a similar tee time at the Troon Card rate inside of the three day booking window. This also applies to Troon Card “2 for 1” bookings.
  • Troon reserves the right to suspend, deactivate or cancel any person’s Troon Card without notice if Troon believes in its sole and absolute discretion that the person or their guests have violated these Terms and Conditions, or has acted improperly or inappropriately in their use of the Troon Card or at a participating facility
  • Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that Troon shall have the right to change, amend or modify any of the terms and/or conditions (including golf fees) at any time without notice in the sole and absolute discretion of Troon; Cardholder’s use of the Troon Card constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  • By purchasing a Troon Card, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy