Aloha 🌺 from Kapalua, our small slice of paradise. 

Each moment here is magical, and the Kapalua Golf team wanted to share some insider tips that’ll elevate your golf adventures during your visit. 🤙

#1: Arrive early and Embrace the Aloha Spirit 

Take a few deep breaths, and soak in the beauty of your surroundings so that you may truly embrace the Aloha spirit. Take the time to make use of the driving range and practice greens at both locations and peruse the wares in the Golf Shops of both courses to discover the right souvenirs to take home with you. 

#2: Pay attention to the Trade Winds 

 The Hawaiian Islands are known for our trade winds, which can have a significant impact on your game. Before you tee off, take a moment to feel the wind and assess its direction. Knowing these things can help you make smarter club selections and adjust your shots accordingly. 

#3: Get to know the ‘Aina (LAND)  

Each of Kapalua Golf’s two championship courses—the Plantation and the Bay—are among the best in the world. If this is your first time playing, familiarize yourself with the courses and what makes them unique. The Plantation Course is longer and more challenging, with spectacular ocean views and significant elevation changes, while the Bay Course is shorter and more forgiving, with equally breathtaking views of the ocean and its surroundings. Playing from the proper tees is a great way to ensure you enjoy your round.  

#4: Hydrate like a Kama’aina (Local) 

Playing golf in the Maui sun can be challenging, so it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout your round. Bring plenty of water and remember, each cart also comes stocked with 4 bottles of water. Drinking coconut water, a local favorite, is a refreshing way to hydrate and keep your Aloha spirit flowing. 

#5.  Spend some time on the Greens 

The grass used on Hawaii’s putting greens is distinct from that used on much of the mainland. Before starting your round, take a few moments to observe how the ball rolls differently from what you’re used to, and pay special attention to the direction in which the grain of the grass is growing. This will help you gauge the pace and the break of your putts. You can tell the direction of the grain by looking at the hole. The “clean” side of the cup is up-grain and the “ragged” side is down-grain. Speed and break are significantly influenced by the grain. 

#6: Have fun!  

Getting to play on the Kapalua course is like nothing else. Attempt to soak up as much of Maui’s enchantment as possible. Enjoy your round but please respect the pace of play guidelines for each course.  

Mahalo for reading and please feel free to share your feedback or favorite tips of your own with us via Facebook or Instagram.