Kapalua Golf was featured on Season 8 of Adventures in Golf, hosted by Erik Anders Lang.
First stop: Maui. Months after a devastating wildfire took so much from so many, one of golf’s most recognizable venues stepped up during the vibrant island’s darkest hour. Welcome to another season of Adventures in Golf, presented by United and Random Golf Club. Help support United’s relief efforts in Maui. See how you can help here: mauifoodbank.org/event/united-airlines/ Highlighting golf’s fun, human, and humorous side. Golf is no longer just the stuffy world of middle-aged country club members. Skratch brings you golf content for a new generation. From getting the most exotic tee times on Earth (see: Adventures in Golf) to digging into the game’s interesting personalities (see: Skratching the Surface, Finding the Fairway), Skratch showcases a side of golf many would never get to see.
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