Without a doubt, golf is an enigma for those who don’t play and a difficult and sometimes frustrating game for those who do.  Hundreds – and maybe even thousands – of books have been written both extolling the virtues of the game as well as its negative impact on the mental health of all who play.  

So why do golfers play? The answer to this question is fundamental and it drives every decision we make with regard to our golf. How much we play; how much we practice; who we like to play with; how much money we spend on the game; where we play; and the list goes on. 

One would think that every golfer would know off the top of their head why they play but that is not always the case. If we are really honest with ourselves, the reason we play might be a bit deeper than we are ready to admit (at least to our non-golfing friends).  

Some golfers play to socialize with family and friends in a beautiful environment.  Some like the competitive aspects of the game. They relish the chance to compete with themselves or their playing partners. Some play because they thrive on the ever-present challenges golf presents. They love trying to get better. Others play because they have always played and can’t imagine leaving the game that they have loved for so long. Some young golfers play to obtain a college scholarship while older golfers play to stay physically and socially active.  

The thrill of a striped drive – the pain of a bladed chip – the satisfaction of hitting it stiff to a tucked flag and the pain of a chunked pitch are all part of this great game. The Kapalua Golf team feels both your joys and sorrows. We get your “Golf Why”! We applaud and appreciate your journey because it is our journey too. So carry on – you are not alone!  

With Aloha, The Kapalua Golf Team