Many things in life become a bit more challenging after we turn 60 and golf is no exception. Here are a few thoughts that will hopefully allow you to keep golf’s wonderful allure alive well into your 60’s, 70’s, and beyond.

  • Accept the changes and adjust
    • Yep, our body is weaker and stiffer, so we are going to lose distance. No problem – take more club. Leave your ego behind. This means choosing the correct set of tees. If a hole was designed for a 7-iron approach shot and you have to hit a 3 wood to get close, you are playing from the wrong tees. Playing from the correct tees should give you a chance for an occasional birdie.
  • Know why you play
    • Redefine success – Chances are we are not going to going to lower our handicap as we age, so make golf more about enjoying the scenery and company of our friends. Also, forget about score Just like distance should not be an issue neither should score. Play a “match play” game where you count the number of pars (or bogeys) you make. 
  • Prioritize the things you can control
    • As we age, it’s kind of dumb to tie our self-worth to how far we hit it. Instead, focus on making solid contact. We may not be able to hit it 275 yards anymore, but we can still enjoy putting the center of the clubface on the ball.
  • Play with people you enjoy
    • At 60 we know life is too short to put up with unpleasant people.
  • Celebrate whenever you can
    • Go ahead and enjoy your good shots (or fortune) by patting yourself on the back when something goes right. By the way, do this for your playing partners as well. They will love you even more!
  • Learn how to forget
    • No one cares how good you used to be and neither should you – just be glad that you can occasionally hit a shot you would have been proud of in your prime!
  • Let your equipment help you
    • Just like playing from the right tees make sense, playing with the correct shafts and clubs makes the game more enjoyable. Take the long irons out of your bag and put in some hybrids.

Tim Dietrich, Assistant General Manager